Burien Library Home Buyer Workshop  |  July 2016

The workshop was very thorough.  It was informative, answered all of the questions and felt it was unbiased.  9.29.2018

Auburn Library Home Buyer Workshop  |  November 2017

Perfect class & information.


The instructors offered a lot of information in a concise manner.  Very Helpful!  10.17.2018.

Would you recommend this class to a friend?

"Yes, everyone should take this course!"


What did you like the most about the workshop?

"The resources and the detailed knowledge of the facilitators."


Hundreds of homebuyers have taken our workshops!

Many potential homebuyers are intimidated about home ownership because they feel the process is complex. One way to minimize the fear of the home buying process is to attend our workshop that will arm you a high-quality road map for buying a home.

The objective of this course is to help answer the many questions you may have regarding the home buying process. 

Borrowers who participate in special housing programs are usually required to successfully complete a homebuyer education course as a qualification to entitle them to a reduction of the cost of mortgage insurance, down payment assistance, closing costs, and many more topics.

Through local partnerships (Curt Tiedeman and Caliber Home Loans), the Commission helps homebuyers learn how to purchase and maintain a home. Washington State Housing Finance Commission sponsored homebuyer education seminars are the first step in purchasing a home.  They are free and open to the public, include information about the Commission's first mortgage programs, down payment assistance, and other loan programs; and are accepted by all affordable housing loan programs as meeting or exceeding educational requirements..

At the end of this course, the student will receive a Certificate of Completion that is valid for two years.


You provided a wonderful class!  I have attended others in the past but yours was much better. Very enjoyable.  Patty, Tacoma, WA

Your workshop had so much information.  Your experiences helped us better understand the process.  I am so excited to get started now that I clearly understand the process.  

Lee, Federal Way, WA